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4 Exam Options For Renewing CCIE Expert certification?

Jun 16, 2022 • 4 mins read
4 Exam Options For Renewing CCIE Expert certification?
Amit Masih
Amit Masih


Cisco certifications are sought-after credentials that IT professionals want to earn. Getting certified alone is not the end of the journey. All Cisco certifications come with an expiration date and must be renewed within the active period. Else you have to undergo the entire exam-taking process again. And this holds in the case of CCIE expert certification also.

Why Do Cisco Certifications have an Expiration Date?

According to Cisco, the trends in the IT industry change at a fast pace as technology is constantly evolving. If you want to stand out from other professionals with similar educational qualifications as yours and stay in sync with the latest technological advancements, you need to renew your credentials. It shows your interest in your chosen field and updated knowledge to carry out tasks more efficiently than your peers.
So, to keep going in your career, you must put in a little hard work to recertify yourself before the certification expiration date.

Validity Period of Cisco Certifications

Associate-level: 3 years Professional level: 3 years Specialist certification: 3 years CCIE certification: 3 years CCDE certification: 3 years Also, you need to pay fees to get recertified.
Though you hold the certification, you must register for the recertification exam. Within three years, you can attain the eligibility criteria for the recertification process if you wish to include continuing education credits. For exam only path to recertify, there is no requirement to earn CE credits. You can also recertify by taking the same or by taking a higher-level certification exam. If you do not recertify within this period, your certificate will expire, and you have to go through the entire examination process again.

CCIE Expert Certification Renewal

Exam only option: To keep your CCIE certification active, you must pass any: • Expert-level written test • Expert-level lab or practical exam • Three professional concentration exams • Passing one technological core exam and one professional concentration exam
Earning continuing education units (CEUs): 120 units
Combination of passing an exam and CE credits: • One technology core test + 40 CE credits • Two professional concentration tests + 40 CE credits • One professional focus test + 80 CE credits
A few Helpful tips for Recertification • Recertify before your current certification expiry date • Keep your email address up-to-date as you receive recertification notice on your registered email • Gain deep insights about exam retake policy before scheduling an exam

Final Words

Renewing your CCIE expert certification is a must if you want to stay active in the IT world and let prospective employers hunt for you. Recertification is not difficult to achieve if you plan correctly. You can recertify by taking higher-level exams, earning continuing education points, or combining exam and CE credits any time during your certification’s active status.
Also, if you cannot take time out to prepare for the recertification, you can approach us and we will help you get recertified without any examination and from the comfort of your home.
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Amit Masih
Amit Masih
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